Thursday, February 5, 2009

Note & Ham, Student of the Week Awards, Mattayom 1

Last week Note (on the left in the photograph above) and Ham (on the right below) were joint winners of the Student of the Week Award for teacher Philip's Mattayom One class. Note is shown be presented his award by Jeff. Note and Ham worked well together on their Sports Day project and both have been showing very good writing skills.

Both these students try hard in class and their English has improved a lot of the year.

Well done to Note and Ham!!

-Teacher Philip
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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Prathom 6

In these photos the Prathom 6 boys are showing their teachers that they understand the meaning of the verbs that they have recently been taught. In the photo above Nap is stroking Komainee's hair. The other boys in the photo are Oat, Jo Joe, Feat, Spy, Keng and Jimbo.

In this photo is Boss, Jo Joe, and Keng. You can see most of Oat's head at the bottom of the photo.

This is Jo Joe, Non and Kanun. They are showing that they understand the meaning of the verb
'to mix.'

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JEFF and FILM, MAttayom 1, Sports Day, Writing


In the morning at King's College and today is Sports Day.

The students got up at 6 O'clock today. The students are happy. We saw some students there that didn't like today because today is very cold. At 7 O'clock the students of all houses made a parade. They were very beautiful. The parade walked around the course. The Director of King's College liked the parade. The Director gave a gift of money to the students of all the houses.

Racing started and the gun is PUNG!! The runners are very fast!!
Near the course there were cheer-leaders. There cheers were a lot of fun.
In the evening Sports Day finished. House 1 was the winner of the year 2008.

-Bas, F and Guy.
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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Peem & Sunday, Salaya Pavilion Dinner Report

We went to the Salaya Pavilion hotel by bust at 4.00pm and arrived Salaya Pavilion hotel at 5.00pm. Then we walked to the hall. We walked to the lift and pressed sixth floor. When the lift opened, we walked out from the lift.
Before we went to the dinner room we were resting. The dinner room had many tables and chairs and had many plates. It was good. Each table had eight chairs. After we sat on the chairs at each table the instructer described how to eat a Western dinner, and then we began to eat dinner.

The first dish was salad. The next dish was mushroom soup. The next dish was pork steak and the next was apple studel. And at last we drunk a cup of coffee or a cup of tea.

Then we went to the bus and left for home at 7.00pm and arrived at school at 8.00pm.
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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Jeff, Mattayom One, "STUDENT of the Half-SEMESTER'

This is Jeff! Jeff was the best student of Teacher Philip's class for the last half-semester. He scored the highest combined ovepointsr all in his speaking, listening, writing and reading tests. He is especially good at reading comprehension. Jeff works well in class and is an enthusiastic and polite student with a good sense of humour.

Jeff will need to keep studying well if he wants to stay Number One because there are a lot of other good students in his class, but he is very smart and will develop an excellent ability in English, I am sure.

Excellent English, Jeff!!

-Teacher Philip
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GUY, Mattayom One, 'STUDENT of the WEEK'

Here's Guy!

At the end of the last half-semester Guy won the award for 'Student of the Week.' Excellent Guy!

Guy is a very smart student who has excellent ability in English. He was second for his tests in Teacher Philip's class and if he didn't talk in class so much he could do even better!!

Guy has a good sense of humour and writes very well. If he continues to work hard I am sure that his English skills will become very, very good!

Well done!!

-Teacher Philip
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TON, Mattayom One, 'STUDENT of the WEEK'

This is Ton. Recently he was the Mattayom One 'Student of the Week,' for Teacher Philip's class.

Ton is an ethusiastic hard-working student who wants to to do well. If he doesn't know the answer to something he always asks his teacher rather than just copy which helps him in his study.

Ton is a pleasure to teach because he is happy and very polite. Most importantly he always tries to do his best.

Congratulations Ton!!

-Teacher Philip

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MILK & SAVE, Prathom 6, STUDENT of the WEEK Awards

The photo above shows Save giving Milk his 'Student of the Week' award. Save is the taller of the two students. Milk is an excellent student who always works quietly and well. Milk has a good sense of humour and he is a pleasure to teach. This is Milk's second award.
Well done again, Milk!!

Here is Save (on the right) receiving his award from Nap. Save is also an excellent student who works hard and he has excellent English ability. Save is a very mature student and will, we are sure, continue to do well.

Superb, Save!!

Teachers Philip and Ann
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Komainee won the award for 'Best English Speaking Skills,' for the half-semester that has just finished.

Komainee always speaks with enthusiam and uses intonation very well. Recently he took part in some Story Telling Competitions where he performed superbly. His story was about Mr. Smiley Shark and Komainee made the story very funny by the use of his voice and hand actions.

Very good, Komainee!

Komainee is on the left of the photo and is seen here being presented his certificate by Gain.
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Mattayom 3, Salaya Writing Project

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MOS and BEER, Mattayom 3

The photograph above shows Mos and Beer working on their Salaya Pavilion writing project. The Salaya Pavilion is a training restaurant and all the Mattayom 3 Intensive English Students visited there recently to learn about Western table manners and to try some Western food.

The project that they are working on will form part of the display for the upcoming 'Open Day' at King's College.

Both Mos and Beer are in Teacher Udaya's class and they have strong abilities in English.
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TER, STUDENT of the WEEK, Prathom 6

This photo shows Ter receiving his recent Student of the Week Award, from Milk.
Ter is a quiet student who studies well and works hard.

Excellent work Ter and well done is showing good English skills!
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NAP, Most Improved Student, Prathom 6

Here you can see Nap receiving his award for being the most improved student in the Prathom 6 Intensive English Class. As you can see in the photo he is very happy to get his certificate!! Nap has been working hard in the second semester and he is showing good results in classroom work and in his tests.
Well done Nap and keep working hard!

Presenting the Award is Non 2. Non was the very first winer of the Student of the Week Award at the beginning of the school year.

Teachers Philip & Ann

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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

YOM Mattayom 2

My name is Yom. I am 13 years old. I study at King's College. I live in Bangkok. I like to play football, rugby, table tennis, etc. My favorite food is pizza. My favorite pet is my cat.

In my family there are 3 people. My father is a seller. My mother is a teacher. My father and mother love me very much.
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YO and YO Mattayom Two

My friend is Yo.3. He is the best friend for me. He is 13 years old. I have many girlfriends but he does not. He lives in Bangkok. He studies in King's College the same as me. There are 5 people in his family. He likes swimming. Yo.3 is on the right.

His name is Yo.1. His favorite animals are dogs. He is 13 years old. His classroom is M2/5. His classroom is on the second floor of the school building.
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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Jao and Yor Mattayom 2

My friend name is Kasideth Makon or Jao. He's 13 years old. He likes rugby and swimming. He was born in June 1995. He'stall 145 cm. He weighs 36 kgs. His best friend's Yom. Jao is on the right of the photo.

His name is Tawichet Tee chun.He is 14 years old. He studies at King College.
His birthday 17 May 1995.He lives in BangKok. His teacher is teacher Philip.
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Monday, December 15, 2008

PEEMAI Student of the Week Prathom 6

In this Photo Peemai (on the left) is receiving his Student of the Week Award from Oat, the previous winner.

Peemai is a very good student who always works hard. Peemai's English is getting better all the time.

Excellent work, Peemai and keep up the good work!

Teachers Philip and Ann
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MARK Student of the Week Mattayom One

Mark was the winner of the Student of the Week Award for the week Ending 12th December 2008. Recently Mark did some of his best writing work of the year and scored within the Top Ten in his class. Mark is working very hard and his English has improved a lot. Here Mark (on the left) is being presented his certificate by the previous winner, Mos.

Well done, Mark!!

Teacher Philip
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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Kritsakron Rattanasut Mattayom 2 Winner Father's Day Craft and Message Competition

Kritsakron studies in Mattayom 2/4
He is the winner of the recent Father's Day Craft and Message competition.

Some of his message says:
"My beloved Father,
Thank you for the friendly treatment. Thank you for the warm embrace. Thank you for the power you have shown me. And thank you for all the best things you have goven to me, Dad."

Excellent work Kritsakron!

Teacher Udaya.
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BOB Mattayom 2 Second Prize Father's Day Craft and Message Competition.

This is Watcharapong Samneang from Mattayom 2/5. His nickname is Bob. Bob won the second prize for the recent Father's Day Craft and Message competition.
Well done, Bob!
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'J' Mattayom 2 Third Prize Father's Day Craft and Message

Chanon Changchow is from M2/5.
His nickname is 'J'
J won the third prize in the recent Mattayom Two, Father's Day Craft and Message competition.
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Saturday, November 22, 2008


Best was the best student in Teacher Ann's Mattayom 1 class for the week ending 21st November 2008.

Best always works well and he is a polite, happy student. He asks a lot of questions so he can finish his work and get everything correct.

Best's English is improving every week!

Congratulations Best! Keep up the excellent studying.

Teacher Ann
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